Nadya Ginsburg

Nadya how on earth did you end up doing 'Madonna' where did she immerse from?

Nadya Ginsburg responded on 05/05/2016

Hey Philip!
I have a weird knack for impressions and when I was on a sketch comedy show called Hype that was on the WB Network in 2000, we did an exercise with the writers where they would yell out names and we would do the character. That was the first time I did the impression
After the show ended a friend of mine, Austin Young wanted to do a youtube series about Madonna, Cher and Britney and we shot the first episode in the back room of the clothing store I was working with. Perez Hilton posted it and it was then I realized the popularity of the Madonna character.

I really owe it all to Gypsy Rose Lee, the stripper who said "You Gotta Get A Gimmick" - Madonna is the character who was most likely to pay the rent is all. I also had studied her inadvertently my whole life.

I am moving away from the character at present. In fact in my live shows I do a bunch of original characters and stand up and am gravitating back to that.

Thanks so much for your question and support.



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